The last week of June, we asked you to tell us what’s keeping you from investing more… or investing at all.

Almost 28% of you feel like you’re investing what you can. But a whopping 43% either don’t know where to start investing or won’t invest for fear of losing money.

The remaining 30% or so had other reasons, including not having enough money, being in debt and not understanding the markets.

A 2015 Bankrate Money Pulse survey found that 73% of the more than 1,000 Americans polled didn’t own stocks at all, primarily because they didn’t know enough about the markets… or didn’t have enough money to invest.

So you’re in good company.

Meeting the needs of those who don’t know enough about the markets – or fear getting involved in them – is why Liberty Through Wealth exists.

You may think you’re not qualified to manage your money yourself, but we disagree. Our goal is to empower you to confidently take charge of building and maintaining enough wealth to sustain your desired lifestyle.

As for not having enough money… we know it’s not meant as an excuse. Between wage stagnation, rising costs and the Great Recession, discretionary income just hasn’t been as plentiful for much of this millennium.

But wages have started to turn around as the economy has taken off. And what may seem like barely enough to buy a cup of coffee – when invested wisely – can put you on the path to total financial independence.

Starbucks will have to wait. Your future depends on it.

Good investing,

Donna DiVenuto-Ball, Managing Editor